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I moved to NJ from LI 20+ years ago. Lived on Prospect Ave in Hackensack before buying a house a few towns away. Need more information to help you. Budget, are you commuting to work, own a car? Respectfully, there are a large number of Indian expats on visas living in some of the complexes, if this is of importance to you.

Prospect Ave has a range of mid rise buildings, rentals and co-ops. Tons of new construction in The Sack or downtown area. Other apartments scattered throughout.


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Why/where did you make an inspection appointment? Inspection is free at the MVC locations and you can go online to see how long the wait is. Your permanent license should take about a week to show up in the mail. As for the NYS inspection sticker, it is useless and invalid now that you have Jersey plates. Scrape it off and clean your windshield nicely before you get the NJ inspection. NJ inspection is emission’s only and takes about 10 minutes.