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Jersey City- Some nice areas, some ok, some not great. Research.

Newark- Ironbound is ok I suppose

Irvington- no go zone during the day.


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10 years is not a large sample size, and the sample of bad years is even less. 2018-19 was one of the snowiest winters ever in VT, 19-20 was fairly average. Since then, we've had 3 bad snow years in a row. After 3 years of bad snow in Tahoe in the mid 2010s, people thought that the Sierra would never get a good snow year again and then they have gone on to break several snowfall records in recent years.


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Happens in the northeast too. Last year on Presidents weekend I left New Jersey and my car thermometer said it was 68 degrees outside. 7 hours later I was in blizzard conditions north of Montreal. Approximately nobody in NJ uses snow tires, between November and April there are more 70 degree days than snowy days.


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85 is hard on the parkway during a busy time but on some of the 65mph interstates (ie, 78, 287) you can get long stretches of 85mph, especially during somewhat off-peak times. I kind of agree with what you're saying with the time save, but you usually average a few mph slower than your top speed on the whole drive, so 80-85 is often worthwhile so that you can average high 70s.


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No, I’ll take a guess based on context (that they were supposedly racing) that these guys get some sort of thrill from cutting through lanes. That’s very different from people who just want the left lane to be open so they can drive 85 in a straight line and get home a few minutes quicker.


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You should pass cars going at least 10mph faster than them. Any less and it takes you so long to pass that you’re barely even passing, and people will go around in the far right lane. It’s also just not safe to hang out next to cars, ideally you want to be in front or behind them.