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a brilliant is a stone. It clearly says "105 stones of assorted cuts" in the specifications of the diamond. There's only one right. There are 105 stones, 9 of them are just big. It is categorically incorrect to say there were only 9 stones.


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exactly, it's terminology. And the only terminology that matters, from code perspective, is what is defined in the code. Again, I am not arguing you're technical view here. I'm just saying it kind of doesn't matter. The question is about code. What you feel is right or wrong based on engineering principles is irrelevant.


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you're required to have 18" between a gas furnace and any combustible material. Whether or not the EV charger is considered combustible material, I don't know, but that's the only applicable code I can think of. Just from my gut of being involved with a lot of code stuff, I would say it would probably be frowned on to put it where you are thinking. Seems too close to the furnace.

edit: Just fyi, this is fire code, not electric code. You're probably also going to want to check IRC and IECC, depending on what state you're in.