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Doing dangerous and unnecessary things safely is all a part of the human condition. The act in which you condemn has been done since the invention of alcohol itself. I've seen more people turned off by alcohol drinking as teenagers than I have addict lost to it.

Not so kindly and without out any respect, because none is due, get a life.

Well, sir, it appears to me that you are no better at judging human beings than you are a specimen of one and I shall bid you adieu.


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I don't know of the other person you speak of, but it sounds like you took that a little too personally. I made that connection because the people who attended parties like this with more likely to be sympathetic and less Karen like as exhibited in the comments throughout. I figured that was a quite obvious reason, but hey I guess not so there you go.

Vermont statically has some of the lowest teen drunk driving cases and though the cases have gone up over the years that can be attributed to other factors of the child being raised and not the direct access to partying. Youth entitlement has never been more prevalent in this state, and they get it from their parents. Granted that statement is hyperbolic and hearsay, I'm sure many would agree with it.

What we can agree on is that parents aren't doing their duty in this day and age for whatever the reason may be case by case.


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It would only be news to that particular community. Busy bodies on reddit wouldn't be carrying torches because this wouldn't be news.

Vermont has a long tradition of minor's party with adult knowledge. My theory is most of the people mad were the ones not invited when they were kids and projecting their past angst that they never came to terms with.


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I'll go ahead and disagree. It all depends on your situation. An ecredited child care expert can basically name there price now. I have a friend who nannys and schools for a family of 3 kids and everything she brings home is straight profit because her car and living expenses are provided.

Where there is a will there is a way. Most people would rather resign themselves to mediocrity than be entrepreneurial. It takes hard work, but all the best rewards follow hard work.


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This is not a surprise. Experienced and qualified childcare professionals are extremely hard to come by in this area and wages are competitive so if you want the best, you need pay them and that cost trickles down to the consumer as it has forever with the only excpetion being the Arizona beverage company.

Parents today are also very demanding and particular about their childs care and I wouldn't be surpised if that factors into the cost hike as well. Lots of OT to pay for.


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If you think powerful psychedelics are and apples to apples comparison with cannabis, then I would doubt you have ever tried either.

Wee is not a psychedelic. The amount of THC you would have to consume to get the same effect as 2 grams of mushrooms is impossible and even then, the experience would be more akin to a bad trip.

People make their own decision. Very rarely are their cases of forced addiction and I don't know what angle you are playing at in terms of legalization b, but it will be a cold day in hell before I sat idly by while people tried to legalize things like heroin and coke because they're too lazy or scared to help the people who need it a do what needs to be done to help them. I agree you can treat opioid and alcohol addiction with a combination of psychedelics and therapy, but that should be a last case scenario and in heroin and alcohols my opinion in the best offence is a good defense and to stir people away from it at all cost staring at a young age. Thats the messages that should be in our classrooms. Not the ones we have now because they aren't working.


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The old Canada playbook. Keep then just fucked up enough to not care.

Before you hoist yourself up on your own petard, I've probably used psycheldelics more than you and have almost certainly seen more adverse reactions to them then you have. This opinion does not come from a place of hate or ignorance, and this isn't something to take lightly. Strong psychedelics can help rebuild, but they can also destroy.


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IS that the best deflection response you can muster? Are you banking on the the fact that since i think your ideas are dumb that I must be some sort of neocon? Take your half assed excuse for a reply over to whitepeopleoftwitter or the politics sub. You have no power here.

If there was video evidence of improper forestry habits ignored by a bi partisan subcommittee would you accept it from Tucker Carlson? Or would you jsut stick your head back in the sand?