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Didn't she get banned in Wisconsin recently? Oh, that's right, it was her song that mentioned rainbows. Rainbows are controversial now so they are a forbidden topic, so I won't even mention them.


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What, Vermont is better than us? that sucks. But Massachusetts, Connecticut, rhode Island, and even New York are better than us. We really suck.


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This is just about efficiency. Certainly money is saved when they only deliver once a week. Soon there will be increased efficiency when plan B introduces once a month delivery. I mostly get junk mail so I don't much care.


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I'm not sure about the coast, but for much of NH April is black fly season, so buy mosquito nets and wide brimmed hats. They are not there if it rains or is breezy, they don't come in the house and they disappear at night. When they are present it can be infuriating; not so much the bites as they swarm in your face. By May they are gone, mostly. Be prepared.


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Oddly I borrowed the Subaru because the roads were slippery and once on the road it was good. At the bottom of my hill I would have been better off with my ancient VW Jetta with 5 speed. I met this hill in 1967 so I go very slow but sometimes that just doesn't matter. Big storms are okay but those odd moments where nature greases the wheels can be entertaining.


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It happened to me last night. I borrowed my son's Subaru to run down to the local store. My hill is steep and the last 30 yards is paved; brakes on and nothing, just sliding. Pumped but the brakes were working. I finally came to a halt just at the bottom but the AWD was no help at all. No surprise to me but my son thinks Subarus are magic.