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  1. go into the woods.
  2. find and eat wild berries.
  3. fight locals bears to defend secret berry patch.
  4. Get shredded one way or another.
  5. ???
  6. profit.

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I saw top gun, nope (they were both playing at same theatre so did a double header type thing) … eh… I dont even remember what else.. marvel movies I guess thor and dr.strange. That about it.

Here’s the thing.. I could have just waited for them to be on streaming. Topgun was fun, nope was interesting, marvel was forgettable. None I felt were mush see theatre fare.. I struggle to find the “wow” factor anymore in film. Idk, if its just me but something just feels “different”.


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Watched it last night, have to admit I zoned out some parts there but overall was alright to meh. Not “theatre worthy”, should have just been a direct to streaming but regardless, the lack of advertising makes sense in retrospect, they must of made a financial call there to not push the P&E as this prob played poorly to test screenings.

Hot takes: looked good overall, inventive etc though felt like a mishmash of other movies. The character models just felt off.. idk how to explain it but the best I can put it is their animations when emoting was just too much? Like they were overacting all the time.. which is weird as animation will do this and it’s never something that has stood out to me before. The odd intro I didnt like at all, 1930s newsy montage thing that came off as a bad speudo “up” thing, had me on the back foot right off the bat. The family dynamics were all kinds of messed up. On one hand, Searcher, his wife and the kid? believable, positive and honestly refreshing to see. A working, happy married couple and a dad/son dynamic where they get along and not the typical “edgy teen” thing. But then the whole searcher’s dad that just leaves them at the start.. then come back and they are all mostly getting along.. wut? I found this to pretty much derail this thing for me.. granted prob missed things but how he was just mostly “accepted” is weird. Had a few other things like the kid making stupid decisions to move the plot forward etc was also somewhat frustrating, and the whole card game thing that I just didn’t get. Idk, all we can clearly determine here is that im a terrible movie reviewer lol.