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Skip ahead a few years. Its the post war era.

The stone industry contracted and VT heavily resisted infrastructure upgrades to allow other industry to fill the vacuum (Interstate 92 anyone?). Skip ahead a few decades and we have a brain-drain problem since anyone with a skillset leaves to regions that offer jobs in the skillset. You can't open a business without importing your own employees since none of the locals have the skillsets to be employed and you're stuck in a death spiral of strip malls and dollar stores that looks more like the midwest than new england. Burlington only survives because it has the captive-college thing the Boston has going on but like Boston, the cost of living is going to drive grads out but with a smaller population, it will be less fault-tolerant. The church street derelicts are just the beginning.


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401K is still a good deal. You're getting free money from your employer because they match. If they don't go find another employer.

Make sure you have a good advisor and remember everything is on a boom and bust cycle. When you're in your early 20's max out whatever you're allowed to put in and put it in aggressive funds. As you get older, you pivot toward conservative funds.

What gets people is they kind of set their 401 up and forget about it and if retirement comes during a bust cycle they get screwed because they didn't shift their funds ahead of time to something that won't take a shit.


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Buy them a dedicated pair of shoes as a gift. Keep an eye on Muck's website, they have sales all the time. Get a pair of the lower Mucks, put the YakTrax on em and leave em on and put them next to the door so they can just slip em on when they have to go outside.

The thing with expense is that yeah, it might be a few bucks but....Still fuckin' cheaper than copays and deductibles if they take a digger and break their shit.


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"The Golden Mile" problem. There's a certain "Break even" point with efficiency vs population density involving cost per user to maintain. Pulling numbers out of the air to explain, it comes down to something like the provider having to spend $10k/yr(probably more than that) to run a switches and repeaters and string a line to get Bob, who lives 5 miles away from anyone else, his internet that's only paying in $75 a month. Whereas if you had 100 subscribers all on top of eachother, your marginal cost per subscriber all gets absorbed.


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Bomoseen has springs and shit in it that create thin spots even during cold winters...and then you have all that milfoil which causes soft spots in towards shore....and then you have pressure ridges. You kind of have to look at it, pay attention and talk to people to kind of know where everything is year to year.


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People in this sub love jumping to conclusions.

I concur, intent is what matters. What slurs and the context can give clues as to intent. Once you have a better handle on exactly what transpired, then you can more effectively address it in a manner that works the most efficiently.


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I'm a scientist near a major city. I work in STEM in an environment where I am the minority. I have two godchildren, neither are white. One is the offspring of a refugee, the other is the offspring of an undocumented immigrant. I speak 3 languages and can partially understand about 5 additional.

At what point did I say racism should be tolerated? I asked for more information.

Combatting racism is a lot like combatting terrorism. If you come in heavy handed, it causes people to dig in and you wind up with more racists. Racism is learned either from their upbringing environment or their life experiences. You have to TEACH people to not be racist, you can't beat them over the head with it and expect them to change. Half the kids you see slipping like that aren't even racist, they're still developing emotionally and think they're being edgy or cool by doing such things. You have to show them that that is not the way. Your saviorism is getting in the way of developing any real strategy to combat the issue. Its like herding cats.


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Oh look, another dipshit 12 year old that doesn't understand the nuance and intricacies of language and the overall complexity of the entire issue and just wants to get on a high horse, bludgeon everyone instead of actually work through and solve an issue.