SmurfsNeverDie t1_j6iivvj wrote

Remove the vendors for sure. It doesnt help when they take up space or a crowd forms around them. It may not solve the problem but it can help alleviate it. The other problem is people who want to do whole wedding shoots or tik tok videos, take entire areas and then get annoyed when people want to walk there. Make them get permits if they want to take more space than the average person taking a photo for their instagram. Fine them or jail them. I saw a video a few weeks ago where some people stopped car traffic on the bridge to do a tik tok. Shit like that needs to stop.


SmurfsNeverDie t1_ivh0r0k wrote

Just gotta shove them hard enough like you dont see them so they understand to gtfo. If they ask you what happened be like i was looking at the ground not straight since theres so many people around, i didnt think someone would be so rude and stupid to stand in front of people exiting.