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Nope it’s way way better - balanced front to back with the axle placement, side to side with 2 wheels, the back gate lifts out for long loads, it’ll hold 500 lbs ( or more ) at a go and a 10 year old can pull it with little difficulty. Best thing that ever came out of the 1970s Harrowsmith magazine advertising section


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My folks even use it in the wintertime to haul wood to the house - dad snow blows a trail to the woodpile then loads it up! Boards we’re replaced in early 90s with thicker plywood but that’s going on 30 years now and it doesn’t show significant signs of rot or decay


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Yup it’s only as durable as the wood for sure - when my dad replaced the bottom and the sides in the 90s he used a wider gauge plywood, and it’s put in 30 years. But for an original 200 dollar (cdn) investment…