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I think people who complain about billionaires "doing good" are still complaining about it but it just doesn't come up as much. Also, if a billionaire is genuinely being good, they don't need to care what a minority thinks they can keep doing good and the results will speak for themselves.

After all, we know the billionaires not doing good will keep not doing it and will have the results speak for themselves anyway.


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Honestly, I understand where you're coming from. The latest episode of MKBHD's podcast (WVFRM) released just a few hours ago had a discussion on their new announcements and mentioned why they think Google is behaving the way it is, it's kind of along the same lines as what you're saying.


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No indications as of yet, there are papers like palm-e, et al but bard is based on a smaller version of lamda which is a trained version of palm IIRC, so it's hard to draw any inference.


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None, if things go well, you'll just not need to work anymore and can play games all day if that tickles your fancy or go mountain climbing with assurance that there will be multiple AI systems ready to help you in case of emergency.