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I was following a vehicle from Maine yesterday. The plate said Work Sux. I wanted to follow that vehicle forever knowing my new best friend that I hadn't met yet was driving.


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You did nothing wrong. Pat threw you under the bus by getting Myra involved and since she was so upset it makes me wonder why since this wasn't her love interest anymore. I'm thinking its all for the drama of it all. Myra isn't your friend so cut that one out. Pat also isn't your friend to delete that one too.

I would get out your phone with your gf and let her read through exactly what you said to Pat. Then point out that both Pat and Myra were horrible to you. If gf sees the whole picture instead of just the piece Myra is showing it'll be find.


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Tech crap happens. If you can't get everything back just use what you can get and go from there. No reason to freak totally out until you know what's going on. Its upsetting but hopefully it'll work out in some way. If you need to have something reshot figure out a free place to use and come clean with your friends. Anyone who doesn't understand that tech problems come up is stupid.