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When I got my 7T it was the cheapest phone on the market running the latest chipset, also the fastest charging phone on the market.

I've taken like 20 pictures total with my phone, don't care, wife takes the pictures. Gaming is what it important to me (and charging speed now that I've lived with 60W charging a while).

ASUS Rog phones barely worked on the US network when the 7T was new, specifically the LTE band at the pole up the street that was most important to check.


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They didn't mention at all how much downstream admixture there is.

It seems like this article is implying that the one of the 3 main genetic components of Europeans (WHG, ESH, EEF) should actually be split in 2; that the Western Hunter Gatherers is comprised of 2 distinctly different groups circa 14000 bc.

EEF's didn't move in for 8000 years (at least), ESH's were 11000 years away. Did these two groups mix or did they remain genetically distinct?


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People settling in different areas of the US isn't really a big deal. Very little infrastructure is expected to last a super long time.

There is overall plenty of land.

Some people that chose poorly when investing in land are going to lose money. Big whoop.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm a green, but we don't really sell this all that well, moving is pretty easy in the US, and people that own land in flood zones are basically lumped in with smokers when it comes to violin playing for risky behavior by everyone else. Living (purchasing land...) in a climate risk area is a choice).


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Well TBF both of the Graccus brothers and Gaius Marius, the political vector that leads to Caesar and the Empire, were tribunes of the plebs. And Caesar was above that, he was Pontifex Maximus (basically the pope) well before becoming dictator.