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This is years ago but I did a drivers ed class when I got out of the Marines. I didn't need much road practice but did the class work to get current with the traffic laws. On road test day (This was when the Registry Police ran them) I just drove around the neighborhood shooting the shit with the registry officer.


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Not to long ago I was on my way to work in the pre-dawn hours, I was taking a left onto an access road to the highway and saw a pedestrian in my headlights dressed in black just stepping out of a blind-spot. He jumped out of the way and took off but I had to pull over and wait for my heart rate to return to normal. Lesson learned, Check, check, and double check. Honk all you want.


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I get some every fall when the temperature drops and go on a 2 or 3 week campaign with snap traps. I've sealed up all the opening I could find but will still take them over rats or roaches.