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Lol after reading that I’m even more convinced that the holistic system with LLMs applied leads to emergent phenomena such as consciousness. This paper basically hypothesizes this as well. I think it had the opposite of the intended effect the OP had but the author is simply trying to make the distinction between human and machine “knowing” just to prove how gosh dang close we really are to showing what that difference really is, if there even is one…


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Are you kidding me? That’s the exact point that I’m trying to make is that all this needless deviation from historically proven traditions is causing terrible calamities such as the extinction of the entire biosphere! Plastic instead of glass and wood? Giving up millennia old forestry practices and causing historic and unnecessary wildfires? The earth is dead because we want to do things new and different instead of tried and true. You beat me to the punchline but somehow have the opposite point of view, I’m completely baffled to be honest. Traditional farming, building and social practices could have stopped a lot of this.

On the other hand humans are the most effective natural iterative design network the universe has ever seen.


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Do you know how many people out there are trying to differentiate themselves by deviating their approach ever so slightly, usually adopting older parallel abandoned but slightly less effective methods? This is called ego and marketing and humans are sick with that stuff. There’s a reason things are done a certain way, and it’s a good reason. But this reason only holds if your source of knowledge isn’t a complete block head and is focused on doing things the right way for the sake of doing it the right way, rather than other reasons. Then there is also incompetence.


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Why would we be different lol????…. I’m so confused about fundamental assumptions about biological mechanisms and networks. What’s even more interesting is that hardware and software are almost an exact analog. What is convergent evolution of non living objects? Just proof of the noncontinuum between matter and energy? Are we discovering that computonium could be real or is it just a convenient thought experiment for this idea?


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Until the next transmissible spongiform encephalopathy develops to be even more virulent - kinda like 28 days later and the rage virus - these are more common than you might think, commonly known as prion diseases, and can even be induced by some biologic drugs used to treat chronic illnesses


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Dang. You clearly have absolutely no real world experience with medical treatment issues, have you heard of the da Vinci robot? It’s fancy and works just as well as a traditional surgeon, but none of them believe it increased the rate of success of a surgery. This is an objective fact. Add to that multiple layers of potential failure from connectivity to power issues, it’s actually much higher risk. It’s great to show off, as a lot of treatment depends on patient perception and trust, two crucial elements of healthcare providers that cannot be replaced. Most of the in need population will also be elderly cognitively impaired patients. Robots might be the biggest help to them, or the biggest nightmare as socialization is usually the only element needed for their good health.