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If you compare to some of her other performances, this was actually pretty good for her lol. But yeah, in no way the "best" that year. Julianne Moore wasn't as well known at that time, Boogie Nights was her launching pad into the next level from a working actress to a top one. Her career ended up much better than Basinger's in the long run.


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What do you expect, it's a prime time soap opera with a hospital background setting. It's gonna be cringy and heavy handed. If you want solid writing and acting, there's ER.

If you enjoy the soapy stuff, NBC had a show called Mercy back in 2010 with a pre OITNB Taylor Schilling, Michelle Trachtenberg, Margo Martindale and they added James Van Der Beek halfway through their only 22 episode season. I found it way more easy to digest than Grey's Anatomy. It was pretty decent and for whatever reason just never caught on. I think it faced really tough competition in its timeslot.


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The scene showing Andy breaking out of Shawshank. Incredible score, narration and visuals of him standing arms outstretched in the thunderstorm. I can't even imagine how great that looked watching it in theatres. I didn't get to see it until it hit On Demand PPV like 6 months later.