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Real alarm systems cost four figures at least, and they stole an electric keyboard as well as the the point-of-sale system because they probably figured that either it's got info on it or it could be flipped too. Eating food on-site screams dumb, petty burglary either way.


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Got any advice for how to work with the assumption that you'll never be able to reliably walk somewhere because of the commonly cited and apparently immutable fact that erratic, possibly violent people are simply never going to stop being at least a block or two away at all times? I get what you're saying with cause and effect, it's just kind of hard to factor that kind of thing in day to day if you can't fly or teleport where you need to be.


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Dunno, just something weird about a company called BlueHealth spearheading a study that seeks to emphasize blue spaces on the heels of those finding results in green spaces. It's neat, but it does make you wonder about it a little.