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Follow-up story:

Used to work on an organic farm. My parents came to visit and the farm had a supper/potluck for employees, friends and family. My dad refused to eat anything there and after he left he immediately went to McDonald's.


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I have a sad Maple story -

My highschool girlfriends Mom me a quart of maple syrup for Xmas.

A few months later I was looking for it in the fridge and couldn't find it, so I asked my parents where it was and my dad said "I threw that disgusting shit away."

He thinks real syrup is pancake syrup and hates maple syrup.


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It's grossly conflating some biological truth with rights?

Because biologically women get pregnant they get to decide what's going on with their bodies?

Because biologically men are typically stronger they get to decide who they rape?

I think that's the 'logic.'


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You would need a decent level of computer literacy - typing, setting up mics/camera, using spreadsheets, etc.

Pretty common tasks can be incredibly unintuitive on a PC. I dunno how many times I've wanted to bash my head against the wall using Excel or Outlook.

Would you have any industry specific knowledge that would lend to a remote job? For example if you were a previously a mechanic you could potentially do remote parts sales.

Ultimately I recommend enrolling in SMCC and getting an Associates in something. The Pell Grant and loans will float you, then also do-it-to-it and upskill - even beyond your program/curriculum.


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There used to be more card stores in the Portland area but they started to disappear even prior to the pandemic.

They're still a decent amount of folks around for impromptu drafts though. Probably plenty of space to start a shop too! It's a nerdy area imo.