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Well I worked as a cook in a Mexican restaurant for a few years, so yes. And I love cooking, I've made many Mexican style dishes. I have never been able to turn taco beef into tasteless creamy paste, nor would I ever want to!


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A local market makes something that looks very similar, but they call them beef chimichangas. Which is completely wrong, because chimichangas are deep fried.

And whatever's on the inside, isn't beef. I don't know what it is. It has the consistency of refried beans, but it isn't that either.


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Why was your second shot different from your first?

My first two shots were Pfizer, then I got the Pfizer booster, and this year I got the Moderna bivalent. The worst reaction I got from any of the shots was shot #2, the effects were easily three times worse than the other three shots, and the effects lasted for about two days.


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Well you can be driving to your destination, and taking a cold shower while being exfoliated with road salts all at the same time. Pretty efficient way to multitask.


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Atmospheric carbon is a pollutant, but carbon in and of itself isn't dirty... it's a major building block of life. Our bodies are made of 19% carbon. The clear and transparent diamond allotrope of carbon is just a common alignment of carbon atoms.

If you want your fiancee to feel special, buy her a buckyball ring instead.