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So I don’t really think it’s an “either or” kind of thing. Death of the author has its value and in many ways it’s just an inevitability because when you put your artwork out there you have very limited control over how that is seen. But understanding that fact doesn’t change the reality that the artist more likely than not created that work with a specific vision, generally speaking an artist doesn’t make work with a “oh well it means whatever you think it means” as that would be considered an especially lazy approach and would likely be cause for their work to be dismissed.

If you treat death of the author as a sort of inevitable aspect of art it’s a good useful thing to be aware of, but if you treat it as an approach to intentionally advocate for you can start to run into some problems. For example, death of the author came out at around the same time that the wider art world started becoming much more accepting of artists who weren’t strictly white straight males. You had artists from diverse walks of life who hadn’t previously had representation now making art and telling their stories… and being told that “oh well your identity doesn’t matter art should be more just good art” and it was kinda bs.

So you might be thinking “well sure, what about all the artists who make very general abstract work?” And id say it’s no different, you might be surprised to learn that even most abstract artists approach their work with very specific political and social and ideological angles to their work even if it doesn’t seem like it. There are of course exceptions, but it’s still more likely that those abstract artists have a very specific perspective they’re coming from and trying to convey.


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Np! Also fun fact, the artist Mondrian’s work originally was traditional landscapes and he basically went on a project to increasingly abstract it as narrowly as possible over the years till what he ended up with was essentially lines of basic primary colors. But once he reached that point he sorta painted himself into a corner (heh) and was kinda stuck there making these boring things for the rest of his life.


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Okay gotcha, that makes sense. I think most art isn’t in the eye of the beholder as far as the artist is concerned at least, which is why most artwork comes with an artist statement. There are some artists however who do make abstract work that specifically to be highly open to interpretation to the point they tell galleries to just hang it any orientation that feels right and they don’t elaborate further, but even that is still it’s own specific kind of thing.

Abstract work also isn’t always an abstract idea or feeling, sometimes it refers just to visual abstraction. Like technically every painting is abstract no matter how representational or realistic it is, abstraction is more like a sliding scale and most abstract artists started with representational imagery and just slid further and further down the abstraction scale. Anyways that’s more random info than you probably care about.


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Idk what you’re on about, I said to go google image search it cuz you kept insisting.

You honestly are a moron. “Heh give me proof of this happening”

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And yes, I explained why I find it cringe and if you’re too dull to know how to read that’s on you, you’re literally the only person in this thread who’s this remedial.


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My guy, literally every action can be called a consequence, it’s honestly mindlessly flippant and empty statement. “Oh Tim murdered his wife because she burnt the toast? Sounds like you’re just listing consequences hheuebeuhu”

Like you provide less than nothing to the conversation that lazy analysis like that.