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Yeah Im not exactly sure what the original issue was but I am pretty sure the original FU sign was on Bristol Ferry and the town ordered him to take it down because it was vulgar etc.. There wad a court case and the aclu defended him on free speech grounds. And when he won that, he bought thst old gas station and let his freak flag fly.

Never forget the ones screaming about the loss of "family values" , also have Fuck "everyone" on flags for my kids to read.


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Guy had a problem with the town council not getting a permit or variance.. Something like that. So he put up a sign on his property (another one) basically telling the town council to fuck off. The town sued, and lost on free speech grounds. So he purchased the property on east main and took it to another level.


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I came here to pump up Becky’s. I went to college down south. War eagle y’all. And hands down best BBQ I’ve had around here. Probably helps that the Navy base is a mile away and a lot of sailors from VA to keep them honest.


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My understanding at the time was that they plug in dads income, moms income, #of kids, and probably a few other variables. And it spits out a number.. funny thing is that my ex manipulated her income to appear she made more than she did because she believed it would earn her “full custody” it only reduced her weekly stipend.


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I’m ten years out from a UGLY divorce. It took two years and about 20K in lawyer fees to end up with 50/50 and 118/wk in child support. The child support calculation is a federal formula if I recall correctly.