SomeGuyNamedPaul t1_iwuo67r wrote

My primary concern is that they'll bring Amazon's toxic corporate culture with them. Otherwise with most places you wonder why they left, but with Amazon you wonder why they stayed. Yes, I get it that they had a vesting structure that made sticking around really attractive from a financial perspective, but have you seen Amazon workers? Everywhere has happy workers and hollowed out husks and In my personal observations Amazon's ratio isn't good. We've had folks leave for Amazon and then come right back after they realize the mistake they've made.

Mind you, I'm not saying all of the Amazon tech workers are in a horrible place either. Some people can thrive anywhere, some don't have a lot to compare against and have no idea what the rest of the world is like, and some might be under amazing managers who shield their crew. In any case you still interview them, they might suck they might be great, they might be super thankful for rescuing them from a horrid place.

The hardest part about interviewing people is that within the span of 45 minutes it's easy to find reasons to say no and harder to be reasonably confident they'll be a great fit.