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The ecosystem that sustains all life is aggressively being destroyed with reckless abandon. Idk how long it will take but that’s eventually going to render the planet unlivable and when you combine that with lethal pandemics and some nuclear frosting, those will be the extinction events.


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"In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid or solid."

Sound is the RESULT of vibrations that propagate as an acoustic wave through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid, or solid making contact with your eardrum between 40 and 40,000 hz. Again, if the frequencies are below or above that range, there is no sound.

How can there be sound if no one can hear it? That's paradoxical and defies logic. Using a general term to describe both vibrations that can and can't be experienced by a human ear is imprecise. You can call puffs of air that can't be heard by a human ear "sound" all day long, it's wrong. There is obviously no sound because you can't describe what you can't hear. You can't describe the intervals, the notes, the tones, the timber, etc.

I'm not arguing the narrow and imprecise physics definition of sound. It's not a debate.


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No, the sound example shows how the universe is fined tuned for life.

Sound isnt sound until puffs of air meet our eardrum. It’s a pretty straight forward concept: Prior to meeting an ear drum, sound is rapid little puffs of air and when those little puffs of air meet an ear drum, then we have what is known as sound.

What’s the difference between 40 and 30 hz? Nothing except one produces an experience of sound inside of our minds and other does not. If there is no ear, there is no sound, only puffs of air.

The observer effect is a well documented phenomenon

Whether I understand the nuances of the experiment is irrelevant to understanding the concept, so my bad, I didn’t mean to caught up in a discussion on that but I have yet to see anything that debunk the observer effect.


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I'm not sure how to respond to this because it doesn't disprove the findings of the double slit experiment.

From the article:

"Indeed, the results of both Truscott and Aspect’s experiments shows that a particle’s wave or particle nature is most likely undefined until a measurement is made. The other less likely option would be that of backward causation – that the particle somehow has information from the future – but this involves sending a message faster than light, which is forbidden by the rules of relativity."

The presence of an observer is necessary to experience the world. If a tree falls in a forest, and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?

No it doesn't. Sound is the result of the disturbance of a medium, usually air, oscillating between 40 and 40,000 hz striking our eardrum, which sends a signal to our brain that produces the sensation of sound. If the puffs of air were oscillating below 40 and above 40,000, we'd hear nothing. There's nothing intrinsically different between 40 hz and 20 hz, but only 40 hz produces sound.

Same thing with light. Photons between 4 and 7 nanometers striking our optic nerve send a signal to the brain to produce the image. Photos below 4 and above 7 wouldn't produce an image.

Our universe is fine tuned for life and our consciousness is inextricable from it because it's part of it. We aren't separate from anything, we're part of a dynamic cosmic process.


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Conscious observer is the differentiating variable. Everything else is the same. The photon is always measured, it’s never not measured. The experiment is the photon being shot in the same way at the same place with and without a conscious observer.

When there is no conscious observer it behaves differently and produces a scatter plot in the measurements. When there is a conscious observer, it strikes the same place over and over.

You should read more about the experiment it’s very interesting. If you don’t understand the experiment there’s really nothing left to discuss here.


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I don't think you understand.

When there is a human observer, the machine records the photons hitting the same point over and over again.

When there is no human observer, the machine records the photons hitting multiple points and they ultimately form a scatter plot, which is a visualization of the quantum wave function of probability.

The experiment shows that reality is simultaneously tangible and probabilistic and consciousness is inextricable from physical reality. When you remove conscious observation from physical reality, physical reality collapses into a quantum wave function of probability.

You're right, there is no discussion. you either understand the physics, or you don't.


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I don't agree. The experiment proved photons produce a scatter plot when there's no observer, aka a wave pattern, and when there is an observer, the photon strikes the same point. this video has commentary by Dr. James Gates, one of the most brilliant physicists who's ever lived because he discovered computer code created by Claude Shannon that's used in today's internet browsers in his string theory equations.


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The evidence has existed for a long time, google the “double slit” physics experiment that proves consciousness is inextricable from physical reality.

Nothing can physically exist without the presence of an observer, and in the absence of an observer physical reality collapses into its quantum wave function.


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Humans are an iteration on the cosmic evolutionary scale and whatever comes next is perfectly natural and nothing to be feared as we are one with all things, the physical separation we experience is an illusion.

I like this theory of the origins of life on earth The Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life


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Consciousness is everything and exists independently of the human species. it's inextricable from all things in the universe because it's the underlying energetic force that animates everything..... even if there were "nothing" there'd still be quantum wave functions of subatomic particle probability and that would produce life again.

Life is just one of infinite dances of consciousness experiencing itself. It doesn't need humans to do that.


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There are both conscious and subconscious impacts on the factors that influence decision making and behavior in the brain. People are being changed in ways they aren’t aware by consuming content online and it’s astonishing these social media algorithms weren’t regulated by philosophers and behavioralists to ensure the stability of the state and our quality of life isn’t undermined.