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It doesn't actually require a problem with the road. Rather, it simply takes something that requires a driver turn properly. I've never seen anything like this but there's a wall not too far from here that's been hit IIRC 4 times over the years. It's a bit hard to see the place to turn until you're almost on top of it, I presume the impacts have been drunks who saw the turn too late and went into it too fast. Drunks will fail to navigate turns, if your house is in the line of fire you're going to take hits. (Which is why I absolutely would not buy a house that could be hit by someone not turning sharply enough.)


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If they actually mandated zero then there would be no food for sale. Zero is unattainable.

The basic problem is that it's in the environment, the plants pick it up as they grow. Depending on the product it might be possible to remove some of it, it will never be possible to remove all of it.


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I'm cis-het, not trans.

It is very relevant in dating but many things aren't disclosed up front in dating, singling out one as criminal doesn't make sense.

It is totally a non-issue in sports for those who went with puberty blockers and then transition. Later in life I think it's a minor issue after a few years but I'm not convinced either way.

How could it possibly be relevant in work?? I have never seen under the clothes of any coworker and if I did, so what? While I am obviously an American I have a much more European attitude about nudity.


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Where's the fraud?

And it's not clear in animal species because we have zero data. We can see the physical anatomy, we can't see what in the brain constitutes the perception of gender. It's like we can't see what in the brain shows what somebody's sexual attraction is--but homosexuality has been observed in a wide range of animals.

Our genetics are such a Rube Goldberg system that there are no doubt myraid ways things can get out of sync.


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My understanding is that it's one of the most realistic reality shows out there. They're not truly alone but other than providing medical care and evacuation should they tap out the crew pretty much doesn't intervene. (And if they do it's things like one guy who didn't give a hoot about the nudity and they asked him to be a bit more discreet because it was making things so hard on the camera crew to get stuff that could be aired.)


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It's school athletics that have been interested. It's actually medically relevant--are they being pushed too far? If body fat falls too low periods stop.

Whether a coach would actually do anything useful with the information is another matter, though.... It's all about winning today, not future harm.