SomedayLydia t1_ixeduol wrote

The man watched his prey intently. Tonight, he would kill again. This wasn't his first hunt, no. No this had happened before, and it would happen again, and again.

He had spent his day living the quiet life of a farmer, tending his crops, settling down. He even had a child.

Bandits, none had ever seen them so close to the city before, that was the reason he made his living so close to the walls of Artas, but none the less, misfortune had seen fit to visit him one fateful night. after visiting the market to sell his excess produce and meat, he thought he'd head to the local pub, spend some of his spare coin on booze, game, and song.

When he got home, it took his rum-soaked brain some time to comprehend the fire in the distance. He knew he should have turned around, sought the safety of the city walls... But instead all he could think of was his family.

He found their bodies, charred in the ruins of his home.

This was the moment he knew, there was no god, none worth prayer. None he could count on. It would take less than a week for him to find the bandits that slew his family, and though he charged in, his hands trembling with rage, he expected to kill maybe ,1 or 2 of the camp of dozens. When the sun rose it shone over a pile of bodies with a single surviving wounded man, covered in their lifeblood.

Little did he know that a spirit of revenge guided his hand. Invisible to even him, she helped guide him toward those deserving of punishment.

Unable to see them, he never knew his sudden combat prowess was the result of his bride ensuring he wouldn't suffer as he sought to smite evil. His daughter would mend his wounds in his sleep, as she lay her hands on any cut or broken bone they would mend at her touch.

But soon those responsible for his misery were slain, and he still felt unending anguish. He turned his blade on all those who had caused such pain.

And so it was that he found himself at the home of a wealthy businessman, standing outside his door ready to kill him. He knew not his name, he only knew his sin. He could sense the evil radiating off him, smell it in the air wherever he went. The very sight of him sickened him when he got visions of his horrible deeds

The children in his mines would be freed next, but first, he needed to execute the man.