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Part 2

Alaina stared at the mirror: black lipstick, eyeliner, mascara as well as a plethora of other types of makeup that coated her face. Alaina's hair were two jewel covered braids running from the back of the head to the front and a hair tower coming up from the centre. Her jewellery was: a silver sapphire encrusted tiara, a pair of earrings and a necklace. Alaina puffed some perfume, black roses scented. She looked like a proper Lady.

Alaina glanced at the clock: "Oh gods!" She sputtered out, grabbing her boots and rushing towards the dinning hall. In three months she still hasn't gotten the routine quite right.

Alaina hobbled through the door, panting.

"Ah Princess, you're here. You had a good rest last night? I've made sure that your food is still hot. Come, take a seat." Queen Illet called across the hall. She was seated on the far side of the room at the centre of the table, with my new brother and sisters on either side of her.

"Yes mother!" Alaina called out, taking the seat beside the Queen.

"So, how was last night? I heard that you woke up last night, should we talk about that later?" Queen Illet placed her arms around Alaina.

"Hey where is Princess Milna?" Alaina deflected

"She's out: sorting out some internal disputes of the Farmers Guild. Now let's talk about last night later on if you don't want to talk about it right now." The Queen looked tenderly at Alaina.


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Alaina squinted into the dark hallway, again no guards, strange but good. It was like they had just vanished, like they vanished into the wind. She darted towards the door of the Throne Hall, kicking the door down, expecting an ambush. Golden light poured out from the room, Alaina's arm instinctively covered her eyes as they ached from the light.

Alaina's eyes adjust. The room was full of people, ordinary people. A swift strike came, just in the corner of Alaina's eye, and Caliburn clattered to the ground.

A tall woman stood behind Alaina: a black dress stretched out around her, platinum patterns wrapped around it. Her hair was done up, curled streaks came down at the front and dotted with jewels. A crown sat on her head.

Alaina's heart was racing, her hands trembled as she turned towards the Queen. "Hello, you finally decided to show up."

"Show up?" Alaina spoke under her breath, expecting a swift but painful death.

"For your adoption party silly!" the Queen chuckled. "Wait, you didn't believe that I was going to harm you?"

The Queen sheathed her sword and took Alaina by the hand, leading her through the crowd. Alaina was too in shock to resist: "But... but your..."

"Evil?" the Queen finished Alaina's sentence. "That is what your kingly overlord told you. The same kingly overlord that had your family working day and night in the fields only to claim what they made. You were only useful due to your potential. In fact he was planning to lock you away when all of this was done. Sorry to put this so bluntly."

"But, n...n" Alaina couldn't retort, she couldn't reply, she couldn't answer back.

"I Know this is a shock to you, but I'm not the bad gal that you were meant to believe i was." The Queen looked down at Alaina: cuts, bruises, torn clothes, matted hair, dirt and all sorts of stuff. Her heart sank, this was far older than the quest, most likely from the king: "Come on, lets get you cleaned up and fed; you must be starving."


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You then get sued by a fictional company about infringing on their copy right of the Sitcom about you, using Saul Goodman as the prosecution. While Rick and Morty just sit there laughing.