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> I do some business with a high schooler in town and was walking around the school yard to see how operations were going.

Yeah, that's a giant red flag. I'm fucking glad the police did exactly what we'd all want in this situation: get you the hell away from the school!


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Reply to comment by lazybum86 in Mass RMV by KinkotheClown

Hey now! I said the worst department of our state government - that doesn't mean other states are better! We all know Massachusetts is the best state in the union.


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> Since the Haseotes family sold a few years back many of the shops, even the recently remodeled ones have gone to pot.

Holy shit - I had no idea they sold! We've got two of the remodeled stores out here on Nantucket, and over the past few years, one of them has completely lost the plot - always filthy and half-stocked - but the other one is "great."


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I wish you the best of luck. Our RMV is the worst. I am in a similar situation only because of them - when I tried to restore my license after a suspension I was misled by two different employees, then when I took the trip to one of their major offices I was told I could have just renewed it at the local office but was now ONE day past that deadline and now have start from scratch like a kid. I'm 50, and I had a class B CDL. Not jumping through those hoops again!


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