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You just defended it and have said nothing negative about well say many positive things about it.. That's advocating for it

I repeat again like I've done many times. Most people are so value vacant that they would shove children into ovens if they were told it was the right thing to do by a figure of authority. .


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So once again you're okay with slaughtering pregnant animals to vampirically suck the blood out of the still living and kicking baby in order to make your demonic meat in a laboratory.

Just admit you don't care about animals or animal cruelty. Lab grown meat just seems fashionable to you.

The truth is that most people would shove children into ovens if they were told it was the right thing to do by a figure of authority.


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When you advocate for people doing something then you are directly morally responsible for it. When you advocate for lab produced meat which requires fetal bovine serum and blood. Then you are advocating for the continual impregnation and butchering of pregnant animals in order to attain that serum. ..

Again this is worse than veal and you are morally repugnant.


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You don't see purposely breeding cows getting them pregnant butchering them, delivering a calf prematurely and then torturing the calf to death as a bad thing? There is no breakthrough. You are advocating for them doing this now! There's a giant difference between humanely killing a 2-year-old steer, which is enough meat to provide one human being with all the calories they need for a year. And killing a pregnant cow and torture in the calf to death. But thank you for reassuring me that vegans don't care about animals. They just hate humans You're willing to torture baby animals to death to further your advancement of hatred towards humans


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Reply to comment by BigFoot175 in Why does Hitler hate golf? by LilGoughy

Because it's hard to make the claim that what happened in Germany under the socialist was the worst thing that ever happened while supporting socialism. Which is why they have to play with language and gas light us.

Every single country in 1930's-1940's was nationalist. Every single one.


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So you admit that it's an issue. You admit the experts know about it and admit that people can be long term suffers of Lyme. You admit that professionals including the CDC and medical doctors use the term chronic fine as well as other words to describe the syndrome.

But you still think that women who have long-term symptoms of Lyme disease or mentally ill and don't deserve to be treated medically. Because they are women they should never have symptoms listen to by a medical professional. They should always assume that when a woman claims pain that it's in her head.

Wow! This is a level of sexism I haven't encountered in a long time. Even the groups who hate women don't go this far.


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So according to you even though it is acknowledged by the CDC and other health organizations that such a condition exists. Because we don't have perfect treatment for it, we must treat everyone suffering from it as if they are mentally ill.

You now have no right to make fun of anyone in the 1980s who treated people with AIDS badly. Because you have the same mindset.


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And you just said that a teenage girl should be prosecuted for using pepper spray to stop a rapist. At this point it doesn't matter where you are from or where the story is from. You just said that a child should go to jail for not being raped. You are a perfect example of why Sweden hates women!! You went to import as many people as you can who hate women and believe that a woman walking on the street is acting to be raped. Then you want to put women in jail for fighting back.

Sweden hates women. Prove me wrong.


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And yet you are still climbing that someone who has untreated long-term Lyme disease is suffering from a mental problem and doesn't need antibiotics. Your posts still up. With any luck you will live to have to deal with doctors as they don't listen to you and treat you like crap when you try to explain real problems you are having. Karma usually finds a way to bite.


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You flood your nation with people from cultures who believe that any woman they see, they have a right to rape. Then you arrested fine teenagers for not wanting to be raped. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself how much your culture hates women.


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You didn't click on the link. Here's the very beginning that I'm copying and pasting for you. Straight from the CDC.

"Untreated Lyme disease can produce a wide range of symptoms, depending on the stage of infection. These include fever, rash, facial paralysis, and arthritis."

Untreated Lyme disease is the same thing as chronic lyme disease. Again we have a well-known and accepted by the medical profession chronic disease which can be treated and cured by long-term doses of antibiotics. This is something that in years past they made fun of people and called them hypochondriacs even as their bodies were shutting down, their hair was falling out, and they were in crippling pain every day. But now we have ample evidence to prove that this is a real thing and it has real treatments.

And even though every medical establishment admits it's a real thing. You are still stuck in the backward belief system that it's okay to make fun of women in pain. Wow, the fact that people like you exist in society makes me sad.


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So you think you know more than the CDC. Ok, you are a serious science denier and an absolute horrible human being for making the claim that a real and proven medical problem is all in people's head. Are you one of those people who likes to yell at people in wheelchairs that they really can walk and to stop being lazy?


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Quack diagnosis achieve recovery with long term dosages of antibiotics. But thank you for being a shining example of why people are treated crappily by the medical institution. We have people like you running it. People who when they are shown evidence that a treatment ends the symptoms, and allows people to live a healthy symptom-free life. You don't care. You prefer to tell people it's all in their head and their serious medical conditions are made up.


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Sorry, I'm not doing research on how doctors treat women in every country on the planet. But, think it's safe to say that this is probably a global issue.

Remember Sweden is a country that will punish a woman more severely who uses pepper spray to fight off a rapist then they will the rapist. The government of Sweden seriously hates women. One can only assume that the medical establishment hates women as well.