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Do you understand how evil and violating it is to take away a person’s wheelchair? Their means of getting around in the world? Their sense of independence? It’s absolutely reprehensible behavior. I can’t even think of a good analogy to convey to you how disgusting his actions were. I’ve known a lot of dumb kids and I’ve even been one myself and I’ve never ever seen any of them steal someone’s means of mobility and damage it.


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I think it’s a bit more complicated than just the copyright on the written work (particularly if the work is “public domain” because of a Creative Commons license) so it’s best to consult a lawyer. I believe Project Gutenberg does have a page of policies outlining how material can be used and under what conditions attribution is required. Adaptation for personal use is generally far less onerous than adaptation for personal use. But most of your questions can’t be answered without knowing more details about the specific work and what your plans are for the work which is why you’d need to hire yourself a lawyer who can give you a more definitive answer than anyone on the internet can provide.


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The poorly fitting suit is kind of on-brand for him though. He’s just not a suit guy. It doesn’t surprise me that he couldn’t care less whether or not it’s perfectly tailored. There are other things he cares about more than being a perfectly coifed fashion-forward pretty boy.


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I think it’s more likely that it goes both ways. Pets require you to do things that are good for you that you otherwise might not do. If you’re depressed or achy or feeling down and tempted to stay in bed all day that’s just not going to happen when you have a hungry demanding cat or a dog who needs to go out. Walks, even short walks, are good for you. I’ve taken my dog on so many walks I did not at all want to go on because it was chilly or rainy or dark or I was tired or whatever. Sometimes I wish I had started tracking how many steps I’ve taken with my dog to see how many miles of walking I do with him that I otherwise wouldn’t have done. I bet it would be a lot more than I realize. Maybe I’ll track that in 2023 just for fun!


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Oh man I just looked and it seems that hysterical “Dr. Oz: Hollywood Liberal” ad from the primaries where they tried to parody liberals has been scrubbed from YouTube. What a bummer! That one was my favorite. They did all of their best hits: airhead blond, clueless stoner bro, lady with hair dyed a bright and unnatural color. It was so unintentionally funny.