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Sounds like an appeal to authority, or established order.

What exactly is incorrect with what I am saying? My argument is that drug users, typically utilize drugs to cope with trauma, and use it as an escapism method in order to avoid dealing with their actual problems.

However, the drug cycle does not typically end by simply attempting to stop utilizing the drugs unless you deal with the underlining driver of the drug use, which is typically unresolved trauma.

Which is commonly resolved via therapy sessions; which is nothing more than a licensed therapist helping you sort through your issues.

How is anything I am saying irrational? Sure i'm a bit brash, because we'll frankly i'm sick of seeing it excused everywhere in this society, and having to deal with it 24/7.

The point being is that we have an epidemic of "psychological issues," issues that people used to literally just associate with the human condition. I would argue it's literally trendy now to claim to have MPS; which is nothing more than, you guessed it, more trauma avoidance.

We are entirely enabling this behavior, by not calling it for what it is, these people are full of shit, who would rather do drugs, and self medicate than deal with their demons.

My point is, that no amount of medication will solve these specific issues, anxiety will never go away, and can only be dealt with by dealing with the issues head on. (Which is why I stated that in 99% of circumstances, people are simply avoiding dealing with their issues, there is a rare exemption of 1%; which by in large is not a small population, who legitimately have physical medical issues that absolutely impair their mental cognitive processes, however the majority of people in our society do not fall into this category.)

You likely missed my other comment, but I also addressed the same issues present in people who are not dealing with addiction:

It's not simply a one off occurrence, it's an entire epidemic of people who simply refuse to deal with any of their issues what so ever, on an unprecedented scale.


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Is this a more recent thing? Do you happen to know why the VA prescribes both then? (I'm not making any accusations; just curious) Looks like the FDA hasn't outright banned the practice, just maybe advises against it?

(More scholarly source: )

Although this is a bit off topic, I was only making a simple argument, my main point is drug addiction derived from prescribed pharmaceuticals should not be held to the same standard as self medicating copping based addiction.

(FDA Advisory link: )


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Ah you have me there, yes, my fault, the proper categorization is opiates.

I was unaware that Lorazepan was not an opiate but a benzo; very good information to know.

Unfortunately they are typically prescribed together with disastrous results. (Source: )

Regardless, I will update my comment with the clarification that I am allowing a reasonable excuse for addiction derived from pharmaceuticals. The point being is that a person who was prescribed addictive medication, cannot really be blamed entirely for becoming addicted to it, because they were prescribed in a medical, and controlled manner, with the intention of treating an underlining condition. Thus it would be unreasonable to blame them entirely for becoming addicted, because they are simply trusting the established medical community. (Plenty of people became addicted around 2010s completely unaware of the dangers of these medications, and it would be unfair to place entire blame on a lot of these people.)


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Honestly i've thought about it, it's really not hard, I had to fix my own issues as well, you'd be surprised at the amount of people who have childhood sexual trauma who literally just avoid the issue all day, carrying weight around. (Yes I am aware you we're being sarcastic)

Anxiety does not care, and will continue to bother you all day until you fix it.

You will come home everyday, and not do the dishes because you are so exhausted, you will look at the laundry, but not fold it because you "can't even," you will stay up every night until 1:30AM even though you said you would go to bed early because you have work the next day. Then you will wake up at the literally last possible moment, you will even do mathematical equations, factoring in imaginary traffic patterns based on your previous travel times to work, factoring in the difference with things such as the weather, or to account for accidents to LITERALLY LEAVE FOR WORK AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND. "Well if I leave at exactly 7:57, ill be there before 8:45.

I mean come on, how much louder does it have to be? Then you think, I'm a slob, but then you'll suddenly get a burst of energy, and clean THE ENTIRE HOUSE, from top to bottom, and then once you're done, it'll just start back up.

You can only go to the gym for 3 weeks at max, before you give up.


Everyone has their issues, the problem is you assume I think it's just the drug users, no it's literally everyone, everyone has these issues, and they're all not equipped to handle any of this, and it absolutely drives me crazy, that I almost refuse to help anyone, except on rare occasions; I didn't birth all these people, there is literally too much work for one person to do, on top of all this, it's like talking to brick walls half the time, everywhere I go, I have to argue with people who don't understand how any of this works; drives me up a wall; & don't even get me started on r/Christianity, JESUS CHRIST those people are more lost than the /r/athiests. At least the athiests aren't totally full of shit.


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You're definitely supposed too.

Do you know anyone who smokes weed who endorses trying fucking meth?

You are 100% responsible for what you put in your body willfully as an adult.

If I catch myself drinking too much, I literally take a breather week so I don't become addicted and are always in control of my facilities. That's why all the commercials say "drink responsibly." Not drink, and then go drive your car during rush hour #YOLO"

The only reasonable exception is heroin based products that were prescribed by a doctor. (Lorizapan for anxiety, Oxy for Pain, etc.) Then the patient becomes addicted.

Pain pills are a reasonable exemption, but in circumstances where the user is doing too much drugs on the weekend that they develope a problem.

Yeah that's entirely the users fault, fix your shit, and face the childhood demons your avoiding like the rest of us

Stop running away from your problems with substance abuse because it "numbs the pain." That's a ridiculous excuse, deal with your problems. The hard truth is life does not care about your trauma, deal with your shit, or end up homeless and drugs, that's simply the reality.

You don't need a psychiatrist for 99% of these issues. Here is a freebie, experience sexual trauma as a child, and now you're carrying the weight of that around without telling anyone, because it's to painful to deal with, and you've given up because "it's already been to long, I missed my chance."

Pull your head out of your ass and tell someone. No wonder you can't hold down a job, who the hell can do that while carrying around childhood sexual trauma while literally pretending everything is totally fine, and literally becoming exhausted all day hiding your emotions and blending in? What are you an idiot? Fix your shit, tell someone, and then if you still can, as an adult, set that person straight.

"I forgave you a long time ago, but you listen here, if you ever come near me or my family ever again so help me God I'll put you in the fucking hospital, and you'll be eating through a feeding tube."

See, you even got to forgive them, and move on without violence, but set them straight and asserted yourself that you'll never willfully become a victim again. (You have no control, I mean someone could push you Infront of a train, but the point is it's not willful.)

That's closure. Now you don't have to down a fifth of Jack Daniels every weekend to stop your demons from harassing you.

TL;DR people need to fix their shit, instead of turning to drugs and alcohol to numb their pain. Life doesn't care about you, and that's just the way it is.

EDIT: u/maveric29 has pointed out that I have improperly categorized the medication I was commenting on; the proper classification is Opiates, and Lorazepan is a Benzodizapine. Regardless, the comment is more directed towards providing an exemption of my remarks towards those people. I believe they should be exempt as they are simply following established medical doctrine in order to treat an underlining condition; and should not be viewed with the same scrutiny as I described for those outside of that category.


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No the Talmud does not say that non Jews are not human.

Infact multiple times God gets pissed off at the Jews and kills them / ruins their lives, etc.

The Bible is filled with stories of the Jewish people constantly fucking up. Its not a self flattering book at all. Countless times God calls them stubborn people.

In fact at one point, God literally gets so annoyed with them, that he says he can't even be around them even for a moment or else he'd end up killing them:

"God said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites, ‘You’re one hard-headed people. I couldn’t stand being with you for even a moment—I’d destroy you. So take off all your jewelry until I figure out what to do with you.’” So the Israelites stripped themselves of their jewelry from Mount Horeb on." (Exodus 33:5)

The Jews do not see themselves as superior to other humans. The Bible is extremely clear on this.

Edit Bonus: The reason they self isolate, is because they were instructed too, infact one of the primary reasons is that if they married the local girls in the region they were in, they'd be turned away from God and worship their local Idols. (By the way they did marry the local girls, and they did totally abandon God, and worship those idols. . .)


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Thank you, updated.

Also why am I getting downvoted, it's an entirely sensible argument that a majority of people who overstay visas are people who just want to work, and most Americans have no cause for alarm with them. Where as in contrast those that have been deported via criminal charges can no longer simply overstay a Visa, and will likely attempt a border crossing, or some other exigent means which is why we need a wall.

Nothing I am saying is absurd or insensitive, it's a pretty basic and reasonable argument.

99% of this country can't be that stupid to just think Wall = Orange man.

Orange man = Bad

Therefore Wall = Bad.

What the hell is wrong with people. I knew the 10% extreme on each side is a bunch of crazy morons, but the rest of America should be able to have some critical thinking skills.


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I would argue that Texas wants a wall.

It's not the assylim seekers at the border who are trouble, it's the ones who have been forcibly deported due to criminal records who have no choice but attempt reentry by sneaking across the border.

They cannot obtain and overstay a Visa like most illegal migrants.

Most illegal migrants get in through legal means then just go underground. No one really cares about them, since most stay out of trouble.

It's the ones who serve jail time, and then get deported, who then sneak back across at the border. Those are the ones America is trying to keep out, which is why we need a wall.

If people were educated on this, we'd have bipartisan support for a wall, but politics in America is biased and full of BS on both sides, that no one has any idea what to believe.


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No, the federal government should still be providing grants, due to the fact that migrants are still temporarily housed in El Paso before they head further into the interior of the US. (It's their first stop)

If affects their local economy, and resources, thus they need the additional funding.


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Kings Highway has plenty of great shops and restaurants.

Sheepshead bay is awesome to go day drinking in.

Definitely check out bay ridge, I used to love to swing by the diners out there, I think there's a water taxi dock now too that makes it even easier.

I would say sunset park but now you're moving into mid Brooklyn, and you specified south Brooklyn.

Floyd Bennett field is also great, there's always someone out there with model airplanes flying around which is cool to check out.