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This is a puff piece trying to stigmatize psychedelic use amongst researchers. The purpose is to limit the research in academic settings, but failed to sample corporate researchers. They also had an alarmingly small sample. This may be because of the disclosure at the end of the "research"

"Author Disclosure Statement

J.D.W. has been a paid consultant for Silo Pharma and Filament Health."

These companies are trying to patent specific species of mushrooms to corner the psychedelic market.

Edit for clarity.

I am a psychology student trying to initiate research into psychedelic therapies. I cannot readily do that research because only a very small handful of universities are permitted to do so, and under extremely controlled conditions.


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I do not like wwe style wrestling. I would 100% support this as an Olympic sport. Wrestlers never get the credit of the absolutely insane intensity, complexity, care, and stamina it takes to pit on a show like that!