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THIS is the way to go about it. The fact of the matter is that most trans athletes won't be able to fairly compete in cis single-sex sports. A team specifically for trans people (or mixed/any gender sports/teams) are the way the to go as opposed to pushing cis women athletes out of their sports and stoking hatred for the trans community through the actions of a loud minority.

And before anyone comes at me: cis female athletes exhibiting excess testosterone are required to take medications to bring this down to within standard female levels. There's no reason a trans woman shouldn't be required to exhibit standard cis female parameters (hormones, bones density, skeletal structure) in order to compete when cis women are expected to meet this too.

Long live team trans!!


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It's not 'a sad reality.' It's all man-made. Resources more expensive leading to a more expensive product? Subsidise it. Make it cheaper than meat chicken.

I saw the issue, as would anyone, to begin with, and quite frankly you're beginning to sound patronising.

The 'sad reality' right now is that the majority of people in power value profit over ethics/life. Replace them with people who value lessened cruelty over profit and this would be very easily solved. Why the people in power value money over not grinding up baby chickens is another issue entierly.


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If culinary history has taught me anything is that humans are exceptional at getting mediocre meat to taste good. Don't try to tell me that chicken meat, even if it's not from a meat chicken, wouldn't taste decent braised for a long time in a creamy paprika sauce.


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I'm not someone who subscribes to the idea of 'over regulation'. Capable ministers should be able to form regulations that function smoothly.

People aren't going to go 100% vegan for a very long time, I don't think problems caused by 'over-regulation' is a reason to not try to stop baby chicks being thrown into macerators. To me personally, stopping that is more important than any 'new problems.' The world isn't black and white, and I'm very much against perfect being the enemy of good ('...the meat industry is harsh..."). Yes it is harsh, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't work to make it less so.

A good night to you too.


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At this point you get to a matter of opinion/ethics. I personally think decreasing cruelty/waste of life is worth the cost in resources. You may think otherwise.


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Yeah I get that but...meat is meat. We should learn to eat 'imperfect' stuff again, be it animals not entirely 'perfect' to our tastebuds or wonky veggies.


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I kind of agree. I often wonder how many issues could be solved by just adjusting our culture instead of trying to science it away. There's nothing wrong with male chicken meat, we just aren't culturally used to eating it. We need to go back to eating the whole (as much as possible) animal.