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Dark matter is basically the name specifically for the stuff that is having gravitational effects on things but that they can’t attribute to a proper source. It happens A LOT so they just call it dark matter.

It’s not controversial by any means, it’s specifically an unknown


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A pipe that is durable enough and has added rifling to it is an effective barrel. Those of us on r/fosscad do it all the time and thats what a majority of the rebels of Myanmar have been doing when actual rifle barrels have not been available. And no, lol barrels are not "perfect" lmao


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3D printed guns are NOT illegal to manufacture in the US. Any normal gun(non NFA) can be manufactured for personal use at any times. This means no SBRs or full auto weapons, essentially. Most guns do not fall into this category and are totally legal to make. This is firstly due to the fact that the US has the 2nd amendment. secondly, disallowing such manufacturing would make metal pipes illegal because a pipe shotgun can be accidentally or intentionally created this way which would essentially outlaw benign objects like that. They only need to be serialized when they are distributed(sold, gifted, etc) because they requires an actual manufacturers’ license.

Of course, the world does not revolve around the US, so for many parts of the world, yes it could Be illegal. However, those that are manufacturing these are either doing so explicitly knowing it is criminal to commit crimes or also to rebel against tyrannical governments like in Iran. The second case is where the guns are used as intended and the first case encompasses a broader issue regarding why someone would want to commit a crime with them to begin with.


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Ender 3s can be had for under 200 and print as small as 5 microns as well as be accurate down to 1 micron lol. Print Shoot Repeat does this all the time with his ender.

Bed adhesion is solved with Elmer’s glue sticks

Temp and layer and infill are solved in the software and take 2 seconds to change the number

Save onto a file(or print remotely with octoprint)

Start the print, watch first layer, let it go for like 18 hours. Boom, gun receiver.


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The gun that killed Shinzou Abe was a muzzle loader so don’t necessarily discount how effective they can be. For posterity reasons, I do not recommend killing anyone at all, ideally no one dies even in self defense but the world isn’t like that. Please use gun knowledge responsibly


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Most of the guns that have low gun crime and gun ownership rate also just have low crime in general…They’re also generally in Asia… Japan, Singapore, and especially Korea(where all men know how to use a firearm). Look outside Asia and you’ll find the same pattern. Canada, Netherlands, etc. There are also countries like Switzerland, New Zealand, and Norway that have high gun ownership rates but exceptionally low crime rates.

Gun crime is a cultural and criminal issue rather than a manufacturing issue


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r/fosscad makes fully working rifles and pistols all the time from PLA and PLA+ that last for thousands upon thousands of rounds lmao

You don’t need a specialized machine either, most people using DEFCAD files own Creality Ender 3s. Used ones can be found for like 100 dollars. With how common auto bed leveling is, the only tuning really needed is temp, bed, adhesion, and dragging and dropping the files into cura or prusaslicer.

Additionally, when you manufacture a normal gun in the US, you do not need to serialize or register it UNLESS you plan to distribute/sell/transfer ownership to another person and that act requires a manufacturer’s license.

If you want to see how simple and easy it actually is, get into the 3D printing firearms groups or just watch Print Shoot Repeat on YouTube. He makes tons of guns constantly this way.

And for reference, this is all legal in the US because otherwise, 12 gauge pipes would become illegal. Personal use firearms are 100% legal to make, following NFA laws ofc.

For someone who claims to be qualified about this topic, the readily available info out there seems to elude you…

EDIT: Print Shoot Repeat just released a video saying YouTube is forcing him to take down all his 3D printer gun videos lmao fosscad is still a good resource for seeing what can be done, though