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i wish i could remember more. i stopped going out for music around 2001/02. the rave scene kinda dried up around then. after that sometimes i’d head over to nick’s fat city after work when i lived on the south side. saw a lotta interesting stuff but always avoided the clarks crowd. lolol.


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most people in area are very poor so there is crime. you will hear gunshots. i hear shots cut through the quiet nights and often. i sleep with my window open year round. it’s unfortunate and still shocking to experience. drive around during the day and get a feel for it. most of the folks out here are just going about their lives and are super friendly. you’ll see many abandoned properties (mostly city-owned) that will discourage you. situational awareness is your best friend in economically disadvantaged areas. personally i’m happy in this part of the city because it reminds me of where i grew up and all my neighbors are awesome but it’s definitely not for everyone.

edit: i’ve rented in many neighborhoods over the years. shadyside, oakland, northside, south side, friendship, bloomfield and prefer living in homewood. it’s generally quiet with less of that constant city noise. so many trees so it’s really green and lush all summer. parking is never a problem. super great for bike commuting or just cruising in the sunshine!


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sometimes i ride the 74 bus if it comes before the 86. the 74 is a nice little tour of that area before dropping me off in homewood. and i'm so glad someone decided to rescue that beautiful building. i don't know anything about it but it's so awesome to see it revitalized instead of razed. nice little part of town too. five minute bus ride to e.lib. if we didn't buy a house in homewood i would most definitely looked into the school building!