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What the heck is stunt driving.

Around here we have „Raser“ laws, which kick in at certain level above speedlimit. In 30 km/h -> >70 km/h / 50 -> >100 / 80 —> >140 / 120 -> >200.

they take your car and at a certain point you get a mandatory jail sentence of one year minimum and you lose your license for at least 2 years.

Even below that you get fines on daily rates of your income.

More details here: https://www.rechtskraft.ch/raserdelikte-bin-ich-ein-raser/


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I think the point you are missing is that it‘s not just the call center.

If an ambulance or a fire brigade goes out, those are occupied until they found out it was a false call. And that is way worse, because they will not be at an other place where they would be needed, someone could die because of that.


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You know, put a small battery in a hydrogen car and make it plug-in or a fuelcell in an electric car.. Drive with the small battery in citys and with hydrogen is for the range anxiety..

I don't get pickups and SUV's at all. Maybe the streets get too bad because nobody with money pays taxes or something.

It will take a while with renewables. And you will have a huge amount of overproduction if you want to power your grid with solar, wind and water. Maybe we figure out better uses.

But the amount of batteries you want to produce is huge and an issue.

Just imagine a houshold with a f150, some kind of sedan and a home battery.

I guess charging whole parking decks of electric cars in citys is not without Challenges. At the Moment it looks like chargers outpace cars by a bit. But that might soon change. If you have to wait to charge somewhere, that gets tiresome soon. Charging at home is the obvious solution. But not that easy to implement in citys.

I'm by no means anti EV. But there are problems that we need to solve. And i don't think we need to replace fossil engines with a single Technology.


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Sure, but unfortunately space for hydro is limited too. If you don‘t want to destroy your ecosystem in the mountains.

In Switzerland i think we produce about 60% of our power with hydro. But we build out most of the easy places and there are large hurdles to overcome. Be it construction effort / difficulty wise or in form of resistance against future projects.

I guess it‘s always a tradeoff.


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Sure it costs, as i think you need pressurized steel tanks. But we also store a huge amount of lpg.

The question is what we will use it for?

On vehicles for longer distances especially trucks? Combined with a plugin battery for short distances?

Replacing LPG or coal in industrial applications?

Maybe for load balancing in power grids? I'm not sure about that one.

We also should not use it to replace gas or oil heating in places connected to the power grid. That is way better served with heat pumps powered from the grid.

I think hydrogen is suited to be produced decentralized. I don't know if we need that huge stores, as it could be produced more on demand.
And i think we will need way less hydrogen then fossil fuels.

And i don't think it will be this or that but multiple options to suit the use case most efficiently.


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Not so sure about that. I think there is room for both.

Driving around 2.5 ton cars with huge batteries you normally use 5-20% of the capacity is also kind of stupid. Maybe a hybrid would be more intelligent. 50 - 100 miles for everday by battery and 500 miles + from hydrogen for travel.

Some people will be better of with electric, but other use cases call for other technologies.

You also got to take into account that we have to overbuild renewables by a lot. There will be more and more leftover energy that we cant use in that moment and need to store somewhere. That could be used to produce cheap hydrogen.


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Yeah, but if you can store solar or wind power that nobody can use at that moment it‘s not a 23% loss but a 77% win. If that power replaces fossil fuel power you would have to produce at night or in winter, it would be a huge win.