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Yeah, but the reason your Walmart had reasonable lines is because of online shopping.

I know quite a few families that do the order online, pick up in store method. My local Walmart even loads it into your car, you just pull up to a spot. They do all their shopping this way.


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I wish this study differentiated between suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviours during the trip.

From my own experience, mindset and physical setting are hugely influential to a trip. I wonder what the setting was like. Alone in a university hospital clinic on psychedelics sounds horrifying. Alone in general is a bit intense. Ideally you need a good trusted friend, but I don’t know how to replicate that in a clinical setting.


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Weird that it’s the same buzz in multiple countries.

My area is the end of the line though, there isn’t any place cheaper in this country. The price of houses and rent have doubled within the past two years.


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It’s because the prices are absurdly cheap to a lot of people from outside the local area.

Houses are still selling for over asking, sight unseen, no inspection to people from a HCOL area who sold their house and are flush with cash.

At least in my area, people don’t realize what rural means until they get here. It’s a running joke in my area about people asking where the local Asian Fuzion restaurant or Hot Dog Yoga Studio is. You would be shocked at the lack of research people so before moving here. That fact that our schools are dead last in the country here…people don’t usually hear that until after they move here. The only thing people care about is the cost of the house and how much land it comes with. The rest “can’t be that bad, right?” until it is that bad.


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That hasn't been the case in my area. Many parents have the money to send their kids to private schools in the area, even if it's a long bus ride for the kids. At least where I am, rural Canada, you can have that rural life while still being on a bus route for a city school. The bus might be 1hr each way, but its how they do it.


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In my area, the WFH people are buying up all the rural housing, driving up the prices a significant amount. There are many places near me where the local wages just cannot afford people a means to live locally anymore. These rural people just cannot compete for a variety of reasons, and local businesses are dead set on keeping wages flat.