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I agree that it was unfairly judged. Some very cool old school stunts in Cutthroat Island, and it had been said by some that Geena just wasn't cut out to be an action hero. Those people are proven galactically stupid and wrong by her very next movie. After CI, Her then husband Renny Harlin's career as a successful big budget director was over, and Geena suffered too as her offers got smaller. It is a shame, because Long Kiss Goodnight was such a blast.


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Uncut Gems reminded me so much of Bad Lieutenant, and I had the same panicky feeling of anxiety watching both films.


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“Why are you always smiling?”

“Because it's all so fucking hysterical,”

The film is not without its charm, and Paul Newman is watchable at any point in his career. Perhaps audiences preferred Hanks in his Sleepless in Seattle type roles at this point in his career. IMO, he did a fine job in the role, and the film still stands up well today.


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Under The Silver Lake

I went in not knowing a damn thing about it, and it was a very enjoyable surprise. A trippy film noir style adventure with many a turn and a plot that involves numbers and conspiracies, but I wouldn't get hung up on that, because the film is so beautifully shot.

Also loved BJ Novak's Vengeance