SpareCartographer402 t1_j41b2je wrote

No its not. Plenty of us are forced to be renters because assholes keep buying everything up to rent out, causing scarcity and higher market prices. So yes, fewer people can afford a house now. There's more to it then that but its a big issue, but I don't feel bad for the people who afford the property upset about losing 22k of passive income. That's part of owning a business. Vet tenets better. In this situation, renegotiate costs until there lease is up based on whichever hardship their on, maybe you could have made Atleast 10k and the less pressure and stress could have helped the family to fix their situation easier. Did he communicate with these tenants and figure out what's going on or just evict after 1 month? (Now the tenants won't work with you because you evicted them before trying anything else, Of course, they won't move out or pay up... theres no incentive, evections make it difficult to find a new place making leaving more difficult.)