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My daughter sounds verrrrrry similar and it took until she was 8 to be diagnosed. First it was misdiagnosed as OCD and anxiety, then settled on autism, ADHD and anxiety. A lot of the ocd and anxiety behaviours fall under the autism umbrella. ODD is so common with ADHD and it's tough as hell to deal with, the kids are hardest on parents. Even with the diagnosis it took a long time to get to a manageable level with the right meds and behaviour management, it felt like nothing in our home was safe from her and every day we were walking on eggshells. We're at a great place now but it could be a changing situation as she gets older and hormones factor in.

The whole thing is a process that even the professionals screw up, so don't beat yourself up for missing things. My kids grew up in an "ideal family environment" and genetics are just a crapshoot. A lot of the typical symptoms for mental issues are based on the behaviours of boys, and since girls often present differently they get dismissed. It's hard, especially doing all this yourself with other small kids. If you have other family help, lean on them if you can. Give yourself what breaks you can, and know that you are doing your best. It feels so overwhelming now but you'll get to the other side of this eventually.


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I'm not a big fan of the mink family as one ripped my chickens apart for funsies, but the owner was likely a godawful person too. That many minks on a farm would have kept them in tiny cages. When you cage minks like that then go crazy, spend their lives spinning in circles and bashing their heads on the sides of the cages. Then they just leave them with open head wounds since taking care of them would cut from profits. We had one not far from us and an employee snuck out videos. So horrible. The animal welfare people knew what was happening and barely took action, I wouldn't be surprised if someone got desperate and thought they were helping. Without actually thinking it through.


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And by the time there are symptoms they've already been spreading it the day or two before it showed anyway. Then when it starts you don't know if it's a minor cold, since 1 year olds are boogery for their first year of daycare, or if it ends up being something worse.

The kids in my home daycare were all sick on and off for all of September (verified it wasn't COVID), all have older siblings in schools and inevitably germs will make their way down. Each had different problems, in one it settled into his lungs, another had a double ear infection, I brought my 11 year old to the doctor for her sore throat to check for strep and was told it's just viral, wait it out. My 15 year old and I both lost our voices for most of a week. She said it was worse than when we actually had COVID, and I agree. It all sucked but there really is no other way around it. If they have no fever, not barfing, parents can't take a month off of work.


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We suspect our childhood cat hid my dad's wedding ring inside the box spring of their bed. It wasn't until after the mattress set was thrown out that it was realized that was the likeliest place. She had scratched a hole underneath and would hide inside it with her treasures. I've had a lot of cats and she took the cake as the weirdest. Maybe his girlfriend is a cat.


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I love fountain pop. It's just not the same as the store bought stuff. When McDonald's has their $1 drink day sale on (only in summer here) I'll go through the drive thru for just a large Diet Coke. But now that it's over I wouldn't pay the regular price, and definitely wouldn't do it at all if I had to borrow $20 to eat in the first place.