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You are not the asshole here. Instead of being defensive they could have engages in a discussion instead they did not and possibly assumed the worse about you. You are putting yourself out there and they did not reciprocate. You’re doing fine, just maybe stay away from snowflakes. Its not your fault they don’t know their Judeo-Christian religion as well as they carry themselves. You are practicing tolerance. They are not. Keep calm and carry on.


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Satire aside. This can not be understated. I had a past subordinate call me up and invite me to his college graduation. He thanked me for pushing him to take classes while we worked together and mentoring him in his early 20s. He said, “you believed in me when I didn’t. When I saw progress, I started to believe in myself. So much so that after I left our unit(2 years) I continued to believe in myself all the way to graduation. I’m inviting you to my graduation because I wouldn’t have made it here without that seed of belief you placed in me.” Completely blew me away and I immediately lost my composure. Never underestimate what belief can do, and never underestimate your effect(edit: thanks u/nivaere!) on people around you.