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I sent some well meaning paragraphs about my recent spiritual development, and discussing finding out about a Buddhist monastery nearby, and he just said I don't like reading paragraphs ill read it later. Like some people really can't be bothered, and I don't necessarily blame people for not being avid readers like me, but it does show kindness and caring to read what someone writes. But I'm mostly ignored because my ADHD makes me overwhelming. Such is life, I'll find my tribe


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CBD inhibits the negative effects of THC. but also makes it more difficult to get "stoned". CBD keeps the paranoia away, and stop down regulation of CB1 receptors through it's antagonist qualities increases andamide. You don't "need" thc for CBD to work, they are incorrect. Mixing with CBG, CBC, CBT, CBN and a little DMSO if it is used topically and you have a powerful mood boosting system wide antinflammatory. I put it on my rosacea and take it orally. Works pretty well, but it's just another piece to this puzzle of health I'm chasing.


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I would actually consider asking about CBN. That is much better at inducing sleep than any other cannibinoids I've tried.

Edit: you can get the isolate pretty cheap online. Try vivimu or similar. Mix into MCT oil or some oil. Or dab it with a rig. Quick and easy relaxation and sleepiness