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Nokia made a million models, I'm referring to "later" models shortly before the iPhone. Circa 2005. We are still using the same batteries released 20 years ago. Size has no bearing on the tech. Watches have teeny tiny ones, Tesla's have very large ones.


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Google either needs to buy out ChatGPT or create their own and incorporate it into their search algorithm. They need to move extremely fast, weeks, or months at worst. Otherwise, Google can join Yahoo on the scrapheap of tech that once mattered. I can imagine ChatGPT has been getting offers left right and centre to buy it out.


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We're about as close to memory transfers as we are to when Jesus was born. We know so little it's crazy that we can do the things that we currently do, most of the medical tech we know is learnt from the equivalent of throwing S#!t at a wall and seeing what sticks.


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I'm not a Chinese person or a CCP 50-cent army member. Im just an Aussie. I can guarantee you China is already more advanced than the US and the US military. They don't have all the state-of-the-art ships built yet, but they have started building them. 5 years, and China will have more military than every other nation combined, and right now It's already more advanced.


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I don't think the cost is filthy IF the quality matched the price, however their cables are really low quality, better than a lot of aftermarket cables, but Apple set the bar really low. I'd pay US$50 for a cable if i knew it would last for near forever. I am so glad it's going USB C (not that USB C is that great. It handles moisture badly, and it can burn out just from high humidity). But at least now everything will at least be the same 😀 Apple's Lightning connector is a little superior in robustness, but it's no longer sufficient for today's tech.


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It's the same in Australia, type C only 5 years, still LOTS of people have devices with Micro USB, however it's changing very fast, more people have type C than than Micro USB. When Apple changes, there will be a lot of angry people, but it will be better eventually. At least until something else better comes along.


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Not at all. Old tech will sell out and will always be available second hand in any market. Every cheap device has already switched to Type C some time ago, so the vast majority of devices available in India already are Type C. India will still get a lions share of old and used devices. However, that's fine. They are second-hand and will have no issues being sold. The change is to save people money, make it easy so people can share chargers, and create far less waste. The rules are very late in the game, 10 years ago would have been more useful.