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THESE THINGS: https://www.amazon.com/Carbona-Stain-Devil-Pack-Cooking/dp/B00FGWGMW2/ref=pd_lpo_2?pd_rd_w=byyQ1&content-id=amzn1.sym.116f529c-aa4d-4763-b2b6-4d614ec7dc00&pf_rd_p=116f529c-aa4d-4763-b2b6-4d614ec7dc00&pf_rd_r=CKVEWE06K5ZAYCRZGVSY&pd_rd_wg=rhTjc&pd_rd_r=9ed85372-4a9f-43bd-98db-9d969dfc2df3&pd_rd_i=B00FGWGMW2&psc=1

They sell them at our grocery store locally, and we bought some not long ago. Not long after, at a baseball game, our daughter was eating a slice of folded pizza, and the grease dripped from the crease in the pizza and onto a gigantic grease spot on her shirt. With two washes (following the directions), the grease spot was gone.

It has also gotten bacon grease out of my own shirt.

I don't know what they put in that stuff, and as a 40 year old man, I've gotten grease stains on my shirts here and there for many years, without anything (even all sorts of things from the internet) actually helping. Until these things. Carbona grease getter-outer is one of those products that I will tell everyone about, because it's just that great of a product.


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This is actually a great question that worries me. The ability of AI programming to model language and human understanding is pretty much here in terms of how real it can look. There will be people within a couple of years IMO that will "declare" some piece of AI to be conscious. The ability to interact with humans and mimic how humans act and what we say will be such that they will say "this level of self-awareness surpasses that of some children, and they're conscious, aren't they?" I have almost no doubt.


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Thanks for some of the recommendations (I'm not the OP, but thanks anyway). Rap music is pretty much non-existent for my 12.5 year old daughter, even though she says she likes it. She hears it at school, but that's it. I might put some of these on a playlist for her. We've told her the reasons why it's not something we want her to listen to. We're all what we 'consume', whether it's food or media or friends. And I'll listen to 20 mins of rap on the various Sirius stations sometimes, and there will rarely be 45 seconds before there's another reminder why I would want anyone's kid to be listening to it.


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>I was their bass player during the original Spectral Rider recording and I ended up going out on tour with them for The End of Tomorrow.

DUDE! Spectral Rider was released my last year of college (while also a pizza delivery driver). My friend got that CD from a record store (that had a good metal section). He let me borrow it. At the time, I was huge into making mix CDs of completely awesome songs for delivering pizzas. Spectral Rider (the song) was on that mix CD. Such an awesome mix of modern metal while being very old school sounding. I remember loving that CD though. I loved End of Tomorrow as well. Both Spectral Rider and End of Tomorrow were mainstays for me personally in terms of albums I would regularly listen to.

Sorry that things didn't go long-term or like you were hoping, but I really appreciate the bass work you put into Spectral Rider. I thought you guys were awesome. \m/ \m/