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It is an issue. ASAT tests and cyber attacks in particular are huge concerns for space debris generation. Regular generation of space junk per launch is decreasing a lot though. Check out ESA's environmental report from last year (https://www.esa.int/Space_Safety/Space_Debris/ESA_s_Space_Environment_Report_2022). Almost every rocker body is successfully clearing LEO these days, and half of all payloads are being successfully de-orbited after end of mission.


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eh the policies in place already for combating space junk have resulted in considerable progress in the last five years. The problem of new space junk has already dropped significantly, and if things continue on pace we'll be in a good place in a few years.

The problem of existing space junk is different however.

Here's a great report ESA recently released about progress here https://www.esa.int/Space_Safety/Space_Debris/ESA_s_Space_Environment_Report_2022