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Nails and hair are not skin. Shivering is not a skin reaction, it's muscle contraction.

To me, a suit is something that allows to perform the same functions you could perform without it, only with extra protection. And you can live without a protective suit in a safe environment. But you can't live without skin in any environment, and it has a lot more functions than simple protection. The most crucial is probably skin respiration. It also has sensory, excretory, metabolic/endocrine (vitamin D synthesis) functions, acts as blood storage...

I'd say, if you want a bio-suite, don't just go skin-deep, go for whole body as a suit for consciousness.


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Food's always changing, and we are already using much less animal organs in our cuisine than even a hundred years ago. So yeah, no doubts it'll change even more over the next hundred years.

Some organs can be grown same as meat though, if there's enough demand. Even with steak meat, you would want it with structure, not as puree, which makes it not so much different from some of the muscle-based organs as heart or stomach. The prices would change, I'm sure. Niche products would necessarily be more expensive than mass produced ones.

But I wouldn't expect farm animals disappearing any time soon. It's not just meat we'd need to substitute, it's also dairy, leather, fertiliser, blood products for medical use, bones for food additives, and so on and so forth. For some of these, we have the technology already, but it requires oil as the raw material (like leather substitutes) or produces toxic waste (like fertiliser), and it'd need a lot of scaling up. For others, we don't even have good alternatives yet.


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Well, this is the original publication, I guess: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41587-020-0500-9.epdf

But you can literally google "glowing gmo plants" for less in-depth text and more pics.

I think I've seen some ads for commercial plants like that, but I can't find it now. Maybe it was a crowdsourcing project that failed later.


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Well, glowing gmo plants have already been engineered a couple years back. Not sure they are commercially available yet tho.

On the other hand, using plants to store data sounds like a strange idea. Pretty unwieldy and fragile for a memory stick, I'd say.