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1998 ish... My wife lost her Nokia phone. In the middle of a canadian winter. She found it at the side of our driveway in the spring it must have fallen and been shovelled with the snow.

It spent 3 months in a snowbank in a Canadian Winter with temps reaching -25c and rarely above -5c...

and she picked it up, turned it on, it still had a charge and worked fine.

I miss our NOkia phones.


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They're also for two very different uses. FLow batteries = great use for grid storage and peak demand/low demand grid smoothing.

Lithium = best option for your phone currently.


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Thank you. I was prompted by reading about 20,000 year old cave writing. Here's a link. I'd just never thought about it but it's reasonable to think some aspects have come down from 10s of thousands of years ago. . Thanks!



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I have wondered for years why California doesn't do something like they did in China on the Loess Plateau - as seen in this fantastic documentary below by John D. Liu that's just delightful to watch. It seems to be generally the same situation.



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Honestly I'd buy dozens of these trees and spread them around my yard and region. I'm in Ontario Canada, and where I am this is a native species so I'd love to get my hands on some. I'd enjoy planting some in the region and also I'd ensure they were well cared for until they were firmly established.