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I can imagine that it would be relatively straight forward to write some simple code that converts an image file into a spreadsheet. A bit of header code to specify cell dimensions, then read each pixel in, convert it to an excel cell colour, and write into the spreadsheet file the cell reference and attributes. Then repeat for the next pixel until complete.

Possibly need to scale the image to something manageable so it don’t end up creating a spreadsheet with a million rows and columns.


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Fun fact: Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes) is still alive and well. I emailed her back in the 90s before she undoubtedly had to cut off this new-fangled direct approach to tell her how wonderful I thought she was. We had a bit of back and forth for a short time.

I was overjoyed to discover that she’s still alive some 30 years later!

I still watch the movie every year. It’s not Christmas without it.


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Reply to My 90's TV! by zeamp

I gave it 15 minutes of several years and stations but they are all snippets and ads. Got very repetitive and boring.

Great idea but needs to be watchable for more than 30 second bits from really really obscure broadcasts.