SpinRed t1_jegg085 wrote

Settle down skippy.

I asked ChatGPT for a simple line graph (or even a link to one) showing demand for NFT's over the last 2 years...couldn't do it. I had to do a Google search. I'm guessing you can start going over the moon with excitement around version 6 or 7....maybe.


SpinRed t1_j5yq5d0 wrote

Just know that there will always be those who continue to downplay the progress of these models, in an effort to parade their "expertise."

I'm guessing these self-proclaimed experts will continue to tell us to, "check our astonishment at the door, because how these models really work is, blah, blah, blah." And they'll continue to spout that narrative, all the way to the point where they're unwittingly describing how the human brain works.

There's something about the act of description that robs experience of its "magic." (No, I'm not suggesting actual magic is happening here).

I do believe these ai models are soon to be, if not already, greater than the sum of their algorithms.

So yes, be astonished!...but also take the time to understand how things work in a deeper way, so that you don't buy into the irrational, religious doomsday narratives that will invariably be part of these technologies.