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> Sure but copper and lead pipes are inferior to pex in basically every way. PVC is also great for a lot of non residential cases. Steel production is laughably more CO2 intensive. > > Plastic provides cleaner, safer water with fewer leaks and lower emissions. It also isn’t worth stealing like copper pipes and doesn’t have to be joined in a process that’s highly toxic.

Those things don't make them irreplaceable, it just means the replacements, or existing solutions before plastic, cost more. Just because it's irreplaceable in some use cases doesn't mean it's irreplaceable in all of them.


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I have a Breville glass kettle, it's great, but I wouldn't call anything they make BIFL.

They have a few problems though that made me uninterested in buying more from them. As others have mentioned, they don't sell replacement parts. Their warranties are mostly only a year, which for such a premium priced product is pretty stingy. Their current products aren't as well made as their older ones as well as the number of user complaints seemed to go up over time as I researched some purchases a few years ago.