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Near the end of the article they suggest more study is required, and they state specifically that one shouldn't come to conclusions about cause and effect. They further state that it's possible some people are already in a good mental place, and thus are better able to look after pets.

I know anecdotal accounts are nearly worthless when it comes to making conclusions, but I can tell you as one who is near the age group involved, that I just got a kitten this past summer. I have never laughed or smiled so much in a long time. And the stark differences between my mental health pre-and-post kitty are profound. I had no idea how dark my life had gotten until he came along.

The article mentions isolation as being a contributing factor to dementia, and so this makes me wonder if the fact that you are now once again responsible for a life plays a contributing factor. Human beings need connection, whether it's person or pet. Having that positive connection has been shown to be helpful for one's health in other ways. Wouldn't surprise me to learn that pet ownership can prevent dementia as well. But…we need more data.


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I would love to, but perhaps not here, as this isn’t the place for anecdotal stuff (despite my doing so). There’s a simple 15 minute meditation that I use (it’s on YouTube) which I’d be willing to share with you via chat. In my case, I used the video for a month or two, then began doing it on my own without the meditation guidance.


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Seems to be a vicious chicken-and-egg circular thing. The more anxious, the less ability to regulate one’s bed time, resulting in less sleep per night. Lack of sleep enhances anxiety and around the merry-go-round we go.

It’s been said - though I don’t have any links to any studies on it - that meditation can help break that cycle. It certainly has for me, and I’ve suffered anxiety and panic attacks. Feels like the anxieties are at bay, but ready to pounce if ever I stop meditating, so it’s a needed daily exercise.


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No worries. But you also raised an interesting point about so many programs out there handle lighting. Sometimes during the day the shows are so dark you can’t even see the characters very well.

And don’t get me started on the mumbling stuff. For some reason a lot of actors mumble their words so lowly and so fast that they’re unintelligible. I find a lot of Prime shows are like that, and so for most of the time I’ve got captioning turned on.