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If it were me, I would probably just put the two most likely vehicles on the pass and take my chances with the third, especially if it's not going to be frequent.

It's not like they're going to throw you in jail or impound the vehicle. At most, you'd get a small fine, but probably not even that. You can often pay by the day at the site, as well.


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That's completely untrue. You can and should file online. It has been possible for decades and is possible now. Nothing changed during covid. If you aren't seeing the option to do so, you're doing something wrong or there is a problem with your claim. I say this with 100% certainty and with first hand experience.


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Right, but there's more to the filing of a claim than just sending them your logs.

You're being wishy-washy in your response, which, combined with your post history of seemingly having problems with every instance in which you have to interface established processes makes me question whether you've actually followed the procedure.

  1. Did you file weekly claims via the esd website every week within their stated timelines?
  2. When you contacted them to follow up on the status of your claim, what did they say the problem is specifically? Surely you didn't just wait six months to ask them, going to reddit first, right?

If there's a problem with your weekly filings (I'm not talking about your logs), then they would have told you what the problem is. Without that info, nobody here can give you much in the way of useful advice.

Your insistence that you sent these logs via postal mail and fax when that isn't asked for during the filing of a claim without any other info about why you did it that way, rather than simply as part of your normal filing of a claim online makes me significantly question whether you've actually followed the process. There is no point in the filing process in which you are instructed to fax or postal mail your logs when filing online (those avenues are for those who do not have internet access because the system has to support everyone). If you're able to access reddit, you're able to file your contacts correctly online. There's more to it than sending your logs, but I presume you know that, since you've been submitting a full claim weekly, right?

Until you can speak to what the ESD people said when you asked them what was the status (presumably you asked them this months ago right?) you're not going to get much here in the way of usable advice, since nobody here can see your claim and know what the problem is.


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What did they say when you contacted them to ask?

Edit: you say you faxed and mailed the logs. That's not how you file a claim. I've never even heard of anyone doing so physically and not through the website. Have you actually filed any weekly claims, and if so what was the response.

Between this odd phrasing and omission of mentioning the claims themselves or their status, and your post history in which it sounds like you have a long history of things going haywire when you have to interact with processes, I respectfully have to wonder whether you've actually followed the process to submit claims

If you have and followed instructions, the ESD should have been able to tell you exactly what the issue is and how to get bqck on track, since they usually process that stuff in a week or less, not 6 months.

There's a LOT missimn from this story.